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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Log Splitter September 7, 2017

West Bridgewater, Plymouth
3 Tips for Maintaining Your Log Splitter, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Splitting wood is a tough task and requires a heavy-duty piece of machinery to get the job done thoroughly; that’s where a log splitter comes in. This unique piece of equipment is designed to efficiently break up chunky pieces of wood into manageable fire kindling. A log splitter is appropriate for both commercial and residential use, so it’s important for all who own one to know how to maintain it for optimum safety. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can also ensure your tool works effectively for as long as possible. 

Below are three tips to maintain your log splitter:

  • Practice Engine Maintenance: The engine plays a crucial role in powering up your wood splitter. Each make and model has a unique engine type, so it’s up to the owner to research and learn everything they can about the engine they are working with. To best maintain it, you’ll need to know the required upkeep for parts, fluids, and lubricants. If you’re not sure what your log splitter’s engine requires, ask a professional. 
  • log splitterCheck Hydraulic Fluid: Each log splitter utilizes hydraulic fluid to help the engine work without strain and optimize its performance. Check the fluid levels routinely to ensure there is enough for the equipment to work. If the level is low, you must add more fluid before using the machine again to avoid damaging it. Most log splitters require owners to drain and replace the hydraulic fluid every 80 to 100 hours of use.
  • Inspect Hoses & Clamps: Always check the connection between the clamp and return hose before using the device. Any loose clamps must be tightened or replaced before the splitter can work. While these are jobs the owner can perform, the connection with the suction hose should be checked by a professional regularly to ensure it is secure and primed for use.


If you’re looking for assistance with your log splitter maintenance in West Bridgewater, MA, work with the team at SuperSplitter. Since 1978, the company has offered the best kinetic splitters on the market, and they’ll help you protect your investment for years to come. For more information, visit them online or give them a call today at (508) 427-5800.

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