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Diamond Buyer Explains: Should You Clean Your Jewelry Before Selling? September 18, 2017

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Diamond Buyer Explains: Should You Clean Your Jewelry Before Selling? , Freehold, New Jersey

Selling old jewelry is an excellent way to free up space in your personal storage while also earning some money, but should you clean your items before taking them in? According to the experienced diamond buyers at American Coins and Gold, the answer isn't as straightforward as you'd imagine. The team, who operates multiple locations throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, advise that the need to clean your diamonds or jewelry beforehand is often specific to the situation.

Loose diamonds are the easiest to clean because you don't have to worry about the type of metal that bound them or the cleaning needs of other gems. As long as the cuts don't appear damaged, it's perfectly fine to clean them beforehand. However, use a safe solution.

Diamond BuyerWhen it comes to jewelry where the diamond is the focal point, such as an engagement or wedding ring, cleaning is often suggested. The simple process removes any dirt or grime on the diamond, as well as the band, and allows the piece to shine. While it won't affect the value of the piece, it may make the buying process go quicker because the appraiser will have a clear view.

The rules are different when you're selling vintage or estate jewelry. Many of these pieces offer intricate details, and attempting to clean them without the proper knowledge could do more harm than good. Regardless of tarnish or a dingy look, it's typically best to avoid cleaning them; instead, simply take them straight to your jewelry buyer.

With any of these situations, remember that a certified diamond buyer is trained to identify the clarity and worth of a cut whether the piece has been cleaned or not. As long as you choose a qualified, trustworthy business, skipping on the cleaning shouldn't affect the purchase price.  

When you're ready to sell your diamonds or jewelry pieces, stop by American Coins & Gold. The diamond buyer offers six convenient locations, including Bridgewater and Wayne, NJ, and Garden City, NY. The certified buyers pay cash for gold, rare coins, and estate jewelry. Find a location near you by visiting them online, and learn more about the diamond and jewelry buying process by calling (908) 575-9400.

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