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Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Most Common Types of Criminal Charges September 8, 2017

Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Most Common Types of Criminal Charges , Middletown, New York

While violent criminal crimes are frequently discussed in the media, they aren’t the most common. According to the seasoned criminal defense lawyer and founder of Anthony DeFazio Law, P.C. in NY’s Hudson Valley, shoplifting, burglary, and assault are much more everyday charges. Below, he shares his knowledge of the most typical criminal offenses.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains the Most Common Criminal Charges

Theft & Larceny

Crimes against property happen much more often than violent offenses against individuals. Larceny and theft are property crimes and are charged as misdemeanors or felonies. These involve the unlawful taking of someone else’s property without force. Charges include shoplifting, theft of services, or stealing computer data.     


Burglary is a property crime that occurs when a person intentionally enters or remains in a building and commits a felony there. New York law assigns three levels of felony burglary charges, which depend on factors such as whether the building is a dwelling, or the criminal used a deadly weapon.

criminal-defense-lawyer-Hudson-Valley-NYMotor Vehicle Theft

When someone steals a vehicle belonging to another, this is categorized as motor vehicle theft. In New York, this offense is grand larceny. 

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is when a person attacks another intending to cause serious injury. This crime can occur with a weapon or by deadly force without a weapon.


Robbery is a violent crime directed against an individual. Holding up a cashier at a convenience store or snatching a woman’s purse lead to felony charges and the need for an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

If you face criminal charges in New York’s Hudson Valley, Anthony DeFazio Law P.C. can assist you. The experienced criminal defense lawyer’s vigorous hands-on approach means clients don’t have to explain their circumstances to other attorneys or secretaries; he speaks to his clients personally. If Anthony DeFazio misses your call, he guarantees to return it on the same business day. Call (845) 831-3606 to speak to him today. To learn more about his dedicated firm, visit his website and Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter.

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