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3 Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney for a Child Custody Dispute August 15, 2017

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3 Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney for a Child Custody Dispute, Canton, Georgia

3 Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney for a Child Custody Dispute

Child custody proceedings can be contentious and emotionally draining, but there is nothing more important than your children. Even couples who have an otherwise amicable divorce may experience disputes regarding this matter. If you are facing a custody battle, don’t try to fight it on your own. A family law attorney will provide the fair and unbiased counsel and guidance you need to reach the best possible result for your children.

3 Ways a Family Attorney Can Help

1. Prioritize Your Children 

Custody proceedings can be complicated, and if you do not have experience in family law, you may need to do a considerable amount of research before you can fight for a favorable arrangement. When you hire an attorney, you won’t have to worry about proving your case or negotiating with the opposing party—your lawyer will do it for you. Instead, you can focus on being the best parent you can be.

2. Secure a Fair Child Support Agreement

The court considers several factors when determining child support, including each spouse’s assets and income, as well as the cost of child care and health insurance.  The calculations are designed to arrive at an amount that is fair for both parents; but if your spouse does not disclose all of his or her income, it could result in an unfair child support order. An experienced family law attorney knows how to uncover assets and income to ensure the order is equitable.

3. Have a Seasoned Ally on Your Side

If your custody dispute goes to trial, there is a lot at stake, and you need to do everything in your power to protect your children’s best interests. An attorney will prepare you for court and help you devise an effective strategy for securing a favorable arrangement.

If you need to hire a family law attorney in Canton, GA, turn to Bray & Johnson for experienced and compassionate legal counsel. They are committed to finding timely and effective solutions to your legal difficulties.  Bray & Johnson has been in practice for almost 45 years, and they offer services in other practice areas including real estate, civil litigation, criminal law, juvenile law, and trial law.  You can learn more about the lawyers and their practice areas by visiting their website. To schedule an initial consultation, call (770) 479-1426 today. 

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