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3 Benefits of Stair Lifts July 28, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Benefits of Stair Lifts, Lincoln, Nebraska

For those with mobility limitations, staircases can be a dangerous hurdle. But as the experts at Lincoln Mobility in Nebraska explain, stair lifts can preserve your independence and safety without requiring significant modifications to your home.

Below, they share the wonderful benefits of this device:


A common reason people move to senior living facilities is that it becomes too difficult to maneuver around the home. Instead of hiring a caregiver, have a stair lift installed so that you can remain mobile. With just the push of a button, the lift will send you upstairs or downstairs, without having to rely on anyone’s assistance.


stair liftsFor seniors without mobility restrictions, falling is still a potential risk. And the risk is even greater when there are multiple flights of stairs in the home. Stair lifts help eliminate the risk of falling by providing that extra assistance you need while you enjoy all levels of your home. It can also be helpful when doing household chores. Instead of lugging laundry upstairs, you can place it in your lap and safely descend or ascend.


The expenses associated with hiring full-time caregivers can be high. Likewise, assisted-living facilities are quite costly. Fortunately, installing a stair lift is an economical solution for seniors or individuals with mobility restrictions. This device is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to modify your home for optimal safety.

To explore your options for lift chairs and stair lifts, contact the experts at Lincoln Mobility in Lancaster County, NE. From scooters to bath safety equipment, they have a fine selection of products to help seniors thrive independently. Visit them online for more information, and give them a call at (402) 421-8800 to get in touch today.

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