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Local Coin Dealers Vs. Coin Auctions - Which Is Better? June 19, 2017

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Local Coin Dealers Vs. Coin Auctions - Which Is Better?, Freehold, New Jersey

When it comes to selling coins, your options can feel endless.  You are faced with unpredictable coin auctions and local coin dealers.  Your best bet is to read the analysis below provided by: American Coins & Gold of Bridgewater, NJ 

Local Coin Dealers Vs. Coin Auctions

Coin Auctions: The biggest difference between local coin dealers and coin auctions is the level of certainty and risk involved.  In a coin auction, you are in a risky position because you do not know iimagef you will receive the ideal amount for your coin.  In addition, it often takes a while to get your money from the auction due to bank transfers and whatnot.  The pros of a coin auction are the right coin can sometimes fetch a pretty penny if a bidding war occurs between two collectors.

Local Coin Dealers: The closest local coin dealer can usually be found at your local mall and by searching online.  First, you must do your research and speak to friends and family to ensure the intended dealer is a trusted business.  Once you know you have found a secure and trusted coin dealer you can then get a free appraisal of your coin or coin collection before you sell.  This is a no obligation process that can allow you to know what you will be getting for your coins.  If you decide to sell, your local coin dealer will pay you cash on the spot and take the coins off your hands!


Winner: Local Coin Dealers – You don’t have to take a risk and you get your money right away.

Interested in getting a free appraisal? Call: (908) 575-9400


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