Antelope Park, Nebraska
2790 South St
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Antelope Park, Lincoln
June is here and soon the hot weather!  We will soon be in the hot summer sun, no rain, no moisture, humidity, and probably --- dare I say it -- LAWN SPRINKLER REPAIR TIME!!!  Yeah!!!! Woohoo! 
In saying that - I am once again asking for your patience - our guys are working diligently and very hard to get your systems up and running - ALLO is not helping; however, and we are having lots of repairs that we didn't plan and this has also set us back a little. PLEASE PLEASE be patient with us - I promise you we will get to you just as soon as week can!  When you call in, I try to make as complete of a service record as I can for the guys so they know exactly what your sprinkler system issues are and that way, it will make their job of fixing it easier.  I also try to mark down a day and time that works best and we try our hardest to accommodate everyone with those times and dates; however, the only guarantees for sure are first thing in the morning or first thing in the afternoon for repairs. 
WE STILL HAVE and ALWAYS WILL HAVE THE BEST CUSTOMERS IN ALL LINCOLN and I can attest to that from everyone who calls and listens and takes my lines to heart - "WE WILL BE THERE JUST AS SOON AS WE CAN - THANK YOU FOR WAITING FOR US AND BEING PATIENT WITH US! 
Once again – Thank you from Whittemore Sprinkler Company! 
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