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Top 3 Jewelry Selling Tips May 11, 2017

Freehold, Monmouth County
Top 3 Jewelry Selling Tips, Freehold, New Jersey

That antique and estate jewelry that was passed down to you can yield high cash payouts if you know the right jewelry dealer to go to.  There are numerous factors that go into the value of your estate jewelry and by doing your homework before selling you can set realistic expectations.

American Coins & Gold (Find A Location) recommends their Top 3 Tips when it comes to selling antique & estate jewelry below:

  • 1. Research: Your first step is to find out what type of jewelry you have to sell.  You can browse articles, photos, and online selling websites to get a general idea of what you have on your hands.  The only true way to get an accurate estimate is to get an appraisal by a trusted jewelry buyer.


  • 2. Don’t Take It Personally: Often times there are sensitive feelings and memories of family members when it comes to antique & estate jewelry.  Its important to keep in mind that when selling these items jewelry buyers go off of the current market rates and emotions play no role in the transaction.


  • 3. Find A Trusted Dealer: This is the last but certainly not least tip when it comes to selling antique jewelry.  Working with a reputable and trusted local dealer will guarantee  you a safe and professional transaction.  Beware of online schemes and get an appraisal from a trusted jewelry buyer.

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