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Lawn Sprinklers 101: When & How Long to Run Them For Healthy Green Grass May 23, 2017

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Lawn Sprinklers 101: When & How Long to Run Them For Healthy Green Grass, Lincoln, Nebraska

Keeping your landscape lush, healthy, and green depends in part on the amount of water it receives. Having a reliable lawn sprinkler system designed to operate on a schedule can do wonders for your landscaping. Whittemore Sprinkler Company in Lincoln, Nebraska, is the area’s go-to source for quality irrigation solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

Morning is the ideal time to water your lawn. Besides water pressure being the highest then, the lawn sprinkler system can distribute enough water to penetrate the topsoil adequately. The hydration helps produce healthy roots, which stimulates nutrients to keep lawns healthy and vigorous. Watering first thing in the morning during the hottest days of summer also gives your lawn and plants the energy they need to make it through the day.

Turning the lawn sprinkler on in the morning also allows enough time for soaking before the sun is at its peak. By then, the water will have evaporated enough to keep mold, fungus and other forms of bacteria from developing in moist soil. If mornings are hectic, consider investing in a sprinkler system with automatic time settings. This way, you can set the time at night for the desired time for the sprinklers to turn on in the morning.

lawn sprinklerThe next important step towards maintaining a healthy lawn is knowing how long it should be watered. Most yards need at least one to two inches of water on a weekly basis. To achieve this threshold, a lawn sprinkler system should run for enough time to soak the space. It typically takes about 30 minutes for lawns to receive the proper amount of water. There are a variety of sprinklers on the market that will measure the amount of water distributed and automatically shut off once the threshold is met.

Whittemore Sprinkler Company has extensive experience in the sale, service, installation and repair of a wide range of lawn sprinkler systems. The family-owned business carries all the leading manufacturers, including Hunter®, Rainbird®, and Toro®. From home lawns to large golf courses, count on the irrigation experts for custom-designed sprinklers for a variety of landscaping needs.

Experience why Whittemore Sprinkler Company has served satisfied customers for nearly 60 years. If you’re seeking a quality lawn sprinkler system, call (402) 476-8552 for a friendly, no-obligation consultation. Visit the website for additional information on the company’s extensive inventory of sprinkler options.

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