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Talking to Your Kids About Divorce: 3 Tips From a York Divorce Attorney May 17, 2017

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Talking to Your Kids About Divorce: 3 Tips From a York Divorce Attorney, York, Nebraska

Divorce is never easy to discuss with those close to you, and the process gets even more challenging when children are involved. That’s why it's essential to practice care when disclosing the matter to children. Doing so helps ensure they feel safe, loved, and not at fault. The divorce attorneys of Fillman Law Offices, LLC, have been serving the York, NE, area since 1958. Below, they share three tips for talking to your kids about divorce.

3 Tips From a Divorce Attorney 

1. Tell the Kids Together

No matter imagewhat you're feeling about your soon-to-be ex, now is the time to put aside feelings and present a united front. When you tell the children about the divorce, make sure you and your spouse do so together. Don't let the conversation devolve into a fight or a bickering session—this is about the kids.

2. Don't Overshare

Children don't need to do know all the details of the divorce. Giving them too much information will involve them in issues that are best left to your spouse and yourself. Use age-appropriate language, resist the urge to assign blame, and keep things general in your explanations.

3. Encourage Questions & Sharing

Let your children know they are free to discuss how they feel, whether in the present moment or the future. Ask them if they have any questions, bearing in mind that some may go unasked. A lot of children involved in divorce wonder if they are somehow to blame, so you may want to reassure them—repeatedly, if necessary—that they’re in no way at fault for the divorce.

Contact Fillman Law Offices, LLC, to schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney. They also offer representation as a will and estate, child custody, or personal injury attorney. Call (402) 362-3618 or connect with them on Facebook to learn more about the services they provide. An experienced divorce attorney will help you and your family navigate the challenges of divorce and prepare for this new phase your lives. 

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