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How Fresh Flowers in the Office Boost Your Business November 16, 2016

Salisbury, Lancaster
How Fresh Flowers in the Office Boost Your Business, Salisbury, Pennsylvania

Fresh flowers do more than just beautify the aesthetics and fragrances of an office—plants can actually have tangible benefits for your business. Florals In Time is here to explain why you should bring flowers into your office. As the go-to florist in Gap, PA, they provide beautiful bouquets, garden plants, and flower arrangements for any budget. Read on to learn all the benefits flowers can provide your business.

Impress Your Clients

When your clients or customers see fresh flowers in your office, they know that you care deeply about your services. This will give them confidence in your business and increase the likelihood of buying a product or service. Place fresh flowers at the front desk or lobby for maximum effectiveness with clients.

Boost Morale

fresh flowersLet’s face it: most people aren’t thrilled about coming into the office first thing in the morning. Fresh flowers can banish the morning blues among your staff. One study found that when participants spent their mornings in rooms with flowers, they felt more compassionate and less anxious. Flowers also boosted their energy throughout the day. If a member of your team is having a tough week, surprising them with a flower delivery at the office might be just the thing they need to stay motivated.

Stimulate Creativity 

Creative ideas are what keep your business ahead of the competition. One study found that flowers and plants in an office increased the staff’s creativity by 45%. The flowers also improved the mental well-being of employees. Seeing the beauty of a fresh blossom bouquet could inspire your staff to think of your next business venture. 

If you want to rejuvenate your office with roses, lilies, or other flowers, Florals In Time would love to arrange a bouquet for you. To speak with the florist in Gap, call (717) 442-4946.

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