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Need quality building materials for the next home improvement project? Huber Lumber Co is your full-service provider of lumber and building supplies.

Locally owned and operated in the greater Cincinnati area, Huber Lumber Co leverages its excellent, homegrown relationships with construction businesses to provide an unparalleled range of materials at attractive prices. Its quality-committed, community-oriented professionals possess over 110 years of combined experience. Proud to be a Norwood-based company, these masters of building supplies have intimate knowledge of Cincinnati's construction projects, enabling them to give personal, specific advice to its neighborhood customers.

Building supplies Huber Lumber Co. specializes in include:

  • Building materials
  • Lumber
  • Kitchen cabinet
  • Kitchen design
  • Patios and porches
  • decks
  • Windows
  • Doors

Wood may be their passion, but their love of customer service is even more. Huber Lumber Co's millwork department treats carpentry as an art form. They will assist you with computer aided designs to realize your vision. As an anchor in the Cincinnati construction scene, Huber Lumber Co will act as a conduit to qualified installers and contractors. Their knowledgeable sales staff will even come to your project site to give a materials estimate.

As you can see, Huber Lumber Co can handle all your needs for building materials. Ditch those impersonal, big box stores and support an established, local business. Visit the team at online for more information.

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Summer is the best time to complete those outdoor projects. All it takes is some lumber, time, and a little bit of know-how. Huber Lumber in Cincinnati, OH, can help you with more
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Substandard construction materials can seriously compromise your home’s structural integrity, but the premium cedar siding products at Huber Lumber Co. spare you that trouble. more
When air and moisture infiltration becomes unavoidable, construction workers turn to house wrap. This lightweight, synthetic material is installed behind siding, more
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More and more homeowners want hardwood floors, and, according to Huber Lumber in Cincinnati, the high demand is for good reason. As a company that's been around for more than a more
If you’re renovating your home, a small bathroom can feel like a dead end. As a full-service lumber and building supplies business in Cincinnati, Huber Lumber has helped many more
A beautiful yard can truly transform a home, adding a level of comfort and peace you’ll enjoy every day of the year. You can make your yard even more beautiful by adding a more
A few decades ago, basic wood and pressure-treated deck boards were the only real options for porch construction. These days, however, composite decking is growing in popularity as more
A gazebo adds a striking visual accent to your backyard. Serving Cincinnati, OH, Huber Lumber Co is a source for lumber and building supplies for use in constructing decks, more
Specialty siding serves two important purposes. Apart from enhancing the look of your house, it also contributes to its architectural integrity. Siding comes in different options more
Whether or not your home is for sale, it's smart to pay special attention to your outdoor space. Yards and porches can be enhanced to improve your property’s curb appeal and more
Decks make excellent home additions, and the key to building a quality deck is to find a balance between durability and appearance. The building supply experts at Huber more
Windows serve an array of purposes within your home, from providing light to improving insulation. Huber Lumber—a building supplies company in Cincinnati, Ohio—has been helping more
Storm windows and doors are aptly named because they are indeed resistant to inclement weather—but that's not their only advantage. The experts at Huber Lumber in Cincinnati more
Decks, patios, and porches can be incredible assets to your home—however, just like any other remodeling project, you have to plan beforehand. Learn the top four considerations for more
Green thumb or no, starting a basic garden is relatively simple and can be done by anyone of any skill level. Huber Lumber in Cincinnati, OH, has been family owned and operated more
Now that spring has finally warmed up your outdoor space, it’s time to get your yard back into shape. Mowing and weeding will go a long way, but if you really want to see a more
The DIY industry is booming, and having a company that provides excellent building supplies for all of your upcoming projects is always important, especially if you want to get your more
Family-owned and operated since 1903, Huber Lumber Co is your one-stop shop for lumber supply in Cincinnati, OH. In addition to stocking the best in building supplies, they are more
One good way to update your surroundings, add visual interest to a room, and increase the value of your home is to install interior crown moulding between your ceiling and walls.& more
When it comes to kitchen design, there are many features that make a bold impact, like custom kitchen cabinets or high-end appliances. However, if you're looking for the perfect more
A wooden structure that helps define an outdoor space for entertaining and shelter, a pergola is in many homeowners' dream backyards. Huber Lumber Co of Cincinnati, OH, is the more
What’s on the outside of your home is arguably as important as what is on the inside; it’s what your neighborhood sees first, and these things also keep you protected from the more
With over a century’s worth of combined experience, the folks at Huber Lumber in Cincinnati know a thing or two about building supplies. From lumber for decks and more
Thinking of adding a hot tub to your back deck? According to the team at Huber Lumber, you should consider a few factors first. The Cincinnati building supply experts more
Increasing a home's curb appeal this season will not only help with raising the property value, but it will also make a home stand out from the crowd. Huber Lumber Co sells more
Whether you are renovating your current residence or designing a new one, windows are an essential part of the layout. Considering the wide variety of building materials available, more
Huber Lumber Co of Cincinnati, OH, aims to be your one-stop-shop for lumber supply in the area, and they accomplish this feat through a variety of high-quality services. From their more
When kids are growing up, their personal style and taste change from one minute to the next. Today they like pink; tomorrow they hate it. When designing a room for a child, it’s more
The kitchen is where many memorable family gatherings occur and quality time with friends is spent. This is why its overall appearance and functionality can easily make or break the more
Huber Lumber Co offers an interesting and extensive collection of building supplies for customer projects in the Cincinnati, OH, area. With over 110 years of experience combined, more
As 2015 comes to a close, this is a wonderful time to contemplate what sort of exciting improvements you can make to your home now so it's more enjoyable in 2016. Huber Lumber more
When you undertake any home remodeling project, you want to make sure to use high-quality building supplies. When people in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding area want to outfit more
Ready to revitalize your kitchen design with new countertops? There are numerous factors to consider, including budget, the overall look and feel of your kitchen, and countertop more
Since it’s such a vital part of the kitchen—something that’s as functional as it is aesthetic—it’s worth putting in a great deal of thought to your countertop. Furthermore, having a more
Using lumber wood to update your bathroom can add a classically beautiful and elegant touch that could otherwise be missing from this space that you and your family use more
When it comes to building supplies for kitchen design and home improvement projects, contractors and DIY-minded people in the Cincinnati area rely on Huber Lumber Co for all more
If you’re a certain kind of homeowner, you like to take care of home improvement projects yourself; your rooms are a kind of blank canvas, and you’re the artist. In the kitchen, more
When it comes to your kitchen, nothing can provide a more drastic transformation than new kitchen cabinets. They are the most noticeable aspect of your kitchen, and when they more
If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are making the rest of your house feel drab, don’t worry; you don’t have to move to a whole new house. Huber Lumber Co can actually help more
Huber Lumber Co provides an inclusive selection of building supplies for construction projects in Cincinnati. If you are interested in designing new kitchen cabinets, Huber Lumber more
Huber Lumber Co provides residents of the Greater Cincinnati area with high quality lumber and building supplies. With more than 110 years of combined experience in the more
It’s almost fall, and that means cooler weather, fantastic holidays, and fall decorating. As autumn takes over, it’s time for warm tones and beautiful woodwork. Thankfully, you have& more
Your outdoor deck is the perfect place for family bonding in the warmer seasons, and as such, you want it perfectly stained and set for all of the foot traffic it will experience. more
Huber Lumber Co. is the home improvement supplier of Cincinnati, OH that has proudly serviced residential and commercial customers for over 100 years. With this amount of experience, more
If you have been dreaming of new, hardwood flooring as far as the eye can see, it’s time to take yourself over to Huber Lumber Co. for a sense of the design possibilities out there more
Homeowners tend to think about big home improvement projects as being spring and summer activities. Both seasons are a great time to take advantage of the warm weather, especially more
Upgrading or adding a deck to your home might sound like a simple enough plan, but there’s actually a lot to consider before getting started. Do you plan to use it for entertaining more
Taking care of your new hardwood floors is an exciting venture into homeownership. If you own a home in the Cincinnati, OH area, stop by Huber Lumber Co. for premier flooring, more
A tiny laundry room can add stress to an already dull task, but the size you are working with doesn’t have to cramp your style. Remodeled laundry rooms are the final frontier of more
Does your home need a makeover? Investing in new siding is a cost-effective way to transform your precious space. The experts at Huber Lumber Co in Cincinnati, OH are dedicated more
Wood is a popular choice for home decor because it adds a warm, natural feel and its earthy tones go well with a variety of interior designs and styles. When cared for well, wood more
Hardwood floors can change the look of your home by adding a more modern element to it. If you are in the market for floor upgrades and live in the Greater Cincinnati, OH area, then more
Is your kitchen so small that you use your oven to store your pots and pans, only to stack them on your tiny counter every time you want to bake? If you suffer from having a tiny more
Fresh herbs, vegetables, and bright, beautiful flowers make summer feel extra special. With these elements, your backyard will feel like an oasis from the daily grind. With help more
Huber Lumber is a Cincinnati home improvement store that's been locally owned and operated for more than 100 years. Their team takes pride in helping customers with porches, decks, more
With summer around the corner, do you have any last-minute spring projects for your home or simply just need to repair that raised flower bed? Huber Lumber has been serving the more
There is a variety of reasons to consider putting siding on a home, but the most common reason is that proper, quality siding can eliminate the stress and expense of repainting a more
Adding a deck, patio or porch to your home can enhance your enjoyment and increase the value of your investment. The most important step is to hire a company you can fully trust, more
When you’re considering making improvements to your home or property, there’s a lot to keep in mind, not least of which the kinds of options that are out there. Before you can more
When you’re ready to start on your next construction project, you want to use quality lumber. Anything less than ideal means you risk getting wood that is warped, has knots or more
A door is far more than just an entrance or exit. It is a way to welcome people into your private space, a first impression that bears the imprint of the property owner. The right more
The basics to buying cabinets tend not to be so basic. Allow Huber Lumber Co. to walk you through what to look for when upgrading your cabinets - and the eye appeal of your kitchen more